This was the first thing I saw when I looked at my phone this morning. How timely! :’)

Last night I had a dream. It was a nightmare. 😦 A man was trying to enter our house and I was all alone inside the house. I ran as fast as I could to every door to lock it so that he wouldn’t be able to enter. After sometime, I slept and when I woke up the man was still there. I tried to contact my family but then I saw my mama’s and my kuya’s phone at the table. While thinking of other people to contact, the man found a door he could open. I was too late to close it.

He was able to enter the house! The feeling was soooo crazy. 😦 I ran and I ran. I tried to go out of the gate but it was locked. When I was in the balcony (3 floors high I think), I jumped and continued running. Couldn’t remember the pain. I just kept running in our neighborhood looking for help and then… I WOKE UP.

Thank You Lord it was only a dream. It pains me to know that this dream is not just a dream for other people and has actually happened to them in one way or another. 😦

Thank You Lord for protecting me from the thief and for giving me life to the full. ♥️



Will you let yourself known whoever you are from New Zealand? 🙂


One day, a friend of mine told me, “Uy you better start using cream for your eyes coz you’ll have wrinkles soon because you always laugh.”

It was a first time someone told me that. Haha I told her that if my wrinkles are due to laughing a lot, then I love my wrinkles. Hehe

Let me laugh at the days to come, Lord. (Proverbs 31:25)

Laughing that is rooted in the joy and peace You give to me. The world could be really harsh sometimes and mean words, spoken or unspoken, pierce the heart. But there is no space for bitter laugh or cynicism when I’m in Your presence, Abba. I’m Your child and I love laughing with You. ♥️

There is so much beauty and hope in this world and how beautiful it is to delight in You and be in awe of everything that You are. :’) You are a good, gooood Father, sovereign, perfect in love and infinite in wisdom. Always are and always will be. ♥️

Drives me crazy

Tonight I was able to drive for my mama going home. Waaa THANK YOU LORD JESUS. DREAM COME TRUE! :’)

It’s amazing how you changed my heart Lord when it comes to driving. Years ago I was completely disinterested and scared of the thought of driving coz I felt like I couldn’t see clearly. I also stayed in Manila so I didn’t see the need. This summer, mama encouraged me to learn how to drive. She wanted me to drive for her. I realized that mama can’t drive for me forever. I was no longer a kid and if there were emergencies, I would hate myself if I wasn’t able to drive for my mama. I wanted to serve mama. The excitement grew in me. Mama’s driver started to teach me how to drive. I looove asking questions and asking our driver to teach me how to do this and that. I love learning. Hehe

I now have a student permit and I can now drive. The reality still drives me crazy. Haha :)) It was just more than a week ago when I started learning how to drive. You are amazing God. Thank you for changing my heart and for protecting me always. Asking for Your divine protection everytime I drive. No matter how careful I am in driving, I don’t control how the others would drive. I need You Lord.

After driving tonight, mama told me that she actually prayed that I would back out. Haha I asked mama tonight if I could drive and she gave me the key. I thought she was joking. When I was already at the driver’s seat she didn’t stop me haha Thank Youuu Lord for mama’s trust. Hehe It was my first time to drive at night. Hehe waaaa dati hanggang world of fun lang ako. Car race is my most fave game in WOF and I love bump cars. Haha And now I can actually drive. Haaay thank youuu so much Lord for teaching me and for giving me the courage. Mama told me ang lakas daw ng loob ko mgdrive tonight. Hehe

What a night. THANK YOUU! ♥️


Still processing a lot of things Lord. There are just times I want to cry. You know me Lord more than anyone else. You know my heart. Thank you Holy Spirit for comforting me. There are really times when I feel so alone. Times when I don’t understand why people are rejoicing while here I am crying, sad and my heart is grieving. I love to encourage people. I really rejoice in the success and happiness of other people but I’m also not a fan of flattery. I don’t want to say things just to please someone. There are many times when I just want to keep quiet but it’s sooo hard sometimes. The burden and heaviness of heart overwhelm me when I don’t speak up. 😦

Thank youuu so much Lord for teaching me a lot of things and helping me discover more about Your purpose and will for me. All along I thought prophecy is just to predict the future when in fact that’s not the primary job of a prophet. You have already revealed Yourself in the New Testament. You want me to point people to You, Jesus and not to be afraid to speak up if You want me to. To embrace more Your Word.



It really comforts me a lot Lord. I feel like crying again. There are really days when I feel like am I such a judgmental person? Am I such a kill joy? I can really feel it whenever You are grieving Lord and it overwhelms me too. I need You.

Everything, everything is by Your grace. It is the Spirit who determined to give me this gift. Let me use it for You alone. Keep me from being proud. I really have nothing to boast about except Your grace. Thank you thank youuu Abba for the gift of encouragement too. :’) Help me balance these two gifts. To encourage and speak truth at the same time. Let my convictions always be rooted in Your Word. I need You so much Lord. If not by Your grace Lord, I know that I wouldn’t really ask for this gift coz sometimes the burden is just too hard.  And I am very very thankful Lord for giving me the gift of intercession too. Grabe God I don’t deserve any of these gifts. I am sooo depraved without You. Let me be consistent in praying for the burdens that You give me and pray according to Your Word and prompting. I wanna hear You everyday.

Thank you for showing that I’m really not alone. Haaay :’) So much comfort and encouragement knowing that You are my best friend Holy Spirit. Whew  :’)



Love, I know that we will not have the same perspective and view on everything but I am confident that we will have the same convictions and values which are rooted in God’s Word. At the very core of our being, there will be unity because we have the same Spirit who lives in us. I won’t strive nor justify things just so our relationship will work. In God’s goodness and kindness He has given you to me. :’)


Love. You don’t just fall in love with someone. It is a decision. A commitment. A duty. A very beautiful duty. :’)

Wives, be submisive to your husband. You don’t have to be a wife first before you can be submissive. It’s an issue of the heart. As a single person, I am learning to be submissive to my kuya and to my mother and to my mentors. They have authority over me. They love me and they want what’s best for me. I need to listen to them and seek wisdom. They constantly walk with God. They speak truth in my life and not just what I want to hear. ♥️

Lord, thank You for the people who love me deeply and who are loyal to me. Let me love people deeply and be loyal to the people you give to me. And yes, to my husband. :’)